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Name City State Country District Unit
Northfield Duplicate BC Northfield MN US 14 103
The Ace of Clubs Jeremiah/Tues Northfield IL US 13 123
Tom's Game Northfield IL US 13 123
Niagara-On-The-Lake DBC Notl Lake ON CD 2 166
Yorktown Duplicate Club O Fallon IL US 8 223
Oak Grove Duplicate Oak Grove KY US 11 193
Dugualla Bay Bridge Club Oak Harbor WA US 19 439
Oak Harbor DBC Oak Harbor WA US 19 439
Oak Island DBC Oak Island NC US 7 118
Oakland Duplicate Bridge Oak Lawn IL US 13 123
Oak Park DBC Oak Park IL US 13 123
Atomic City Bridge Club Oak Ridge TN US 7 165
Oakhurst DBC Oakhurst CA US 21 522
East Bay Community Bridge Oakland CA US 21 502
New Piedmont Bridge Ctr Oakland CA US 21 502