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Name City State Country District Unit
Coronado Duplicate Bridge Club Coronado CA US 22 519
Pleasant Valley Bridge Cl Camarillo CA US 22 547
Bridge Club of Bakersfield Bakersfield CA US 22 514
Gail's Club Corona Dl Mar CA US 22 515
Harvey's Bridge Cardiff CA US 22 531
La Costa Glen Carlsbad CA US 22 531
Costa Mesa Nuplicate Costa Mesa CA US 22 515
Bishop Bridge Club Bishop CA US 22 517
Big Bear Bridge Club Big Bear City CA US 22 516
Eastlake Bridge Club Chula Vista CA US 22 519
Costa Mesa Bridge Club Costa Mesa CA US 22 515
Bridge in the Valley Buellton CA US 22 528
Art's Club Anaheim CA US 22 513
Banning Beaumont Bridge Club Beaumont CA US 22 534
Anaheim Bridge Club Anaheim CA US 22 513