Bridge with Chef Alan

9900 NE 2nd Ave

Miami Shores, FL 33138

Contact via email:

(954) 839-0205

Alan Minton

We are in Miami Shores, a short drive from Miami and Miami Beach. We request reservations from visitors. We play the Common Game hands and have electronic scoring. A delicious buffet is served before the game featuring healthy salads, veggies, fresh fish, shrimp, all beef franks, vine ripe tomatoes and cookies, the menu changes from day to day but always includes Chef Alan's Egg Salad. Recipe gladly given on request. See you soon.


Day Time MP Limit Notes
Mon12:00 NoonOpen Stratified;
Tue12:00 NoonOpen Stratified;
Wed12:00 NoonOpen Stratified;
Fri12:00 NoonOpen Stratified;
Reservations Requested