Baton Rouge DBC

3033 Old Forge

Baton Rouge, LA 70808

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(225) 335-4484

Thomas Thomas

The Baton Rouge Duplicate Bridge Club has room for about 35 tables and runs duplicate games (0pen and limited) 6 days a week, holds 3 Sectional Tournaments each year a Regional every 5 years. It has over 300 members. and is located within a half mile of I-10 and College Drive. More information on our club or tournaments is available on our website which can be viewed from the website


Day Time MP Limit Notes
Mon12:00 NoonOpen Stratified;
Tue9:30 AM0-99 MPs Stratified;
Tue10:00 AMOpen Stratified;
Wed10:00 AM0-500 MPs Stratified;
Thu9:30 AM0-50 MPsSemi-Monthly; Stratified;
Thu10:00 AMOpen Stratified;
Fri10:00 AMOpen Stratified;
Sun1:30 PMOpen Stratified;


  • The Wednesday morning game is restricted to non-Life Masters with 0 to 499 masterpoints.