Bridge Hand Of The Week

Stay focused

Apr 23, 2018
Dlr: North Vul: None
13 14
Q 7 5 A 6 5 K Q 5 Q 10 9 3

A K J 6 4 7 A J 10 J 7 4 2
West 2All Pass
North1Dbl (1)
EastPass 3

(1) Three-card spade support

West leads the K against your spade game.. The contract looks solid if the opponents trumps are split 3-2. What is your plan if trumps are 4-1?


After viewing the opening lead, declarer paused to take stock. He could count nine top tricks and 11 would be easy if trumps were 3-2. So declarer took the first trick with the A and cashed the Q and played a spade to his jack, discovering the 4-1 trump split when West discarded.

The bad trump break might have been a mild setback to some declarers, but not to this one. At trick four, he played a low club to the 6, 10 and king. After ruffing the heart continuation, declarer played a second club. West rose with the ace to play a third heart.

Declarer had to ruff this otherwise West would have set the contract by giving East a club ruff. Declarer played a club to the queen, East discarding a diamond, and played a diamond to the ace, followed by a fourth round of clubs, extracting a second diamond discard from East. Next came a diamond to dummys king. East could do no better than ruff this and exit with a heart; declarer discarded the J from hand and ruffed in dummy with the carefully preserved 7. Declarer took the last trick with the A. He had taken five trumps, a heart, a heart ruff in dummy, a diamond and two clubs. The full deal:

13 10 3 14
Q 7 5 A 6 5 K Q 5 Q 10 9 3
9 K Q J 8 3 8 7 4 3 A 8 6
10 8 3 2 10 9 4 2 9 6 2 K 5

A K J 6 4 7 A J 10 J 7 4 2