Bridge Hand Of The Week

Get out of the way

Jan 08, 2018
Dlr: North Vul: E-W
12 14
Q 6 4 8 7 5 A K Q J 10 5 2

A K J 7 3 Q J 10 9 8 6 K 3
West 2All Pass
EastPass Pass

Your partners double of 2 showed three-card spade support, so you bid the normal game. West starts with the A, continuing with the K. What is your plan for making this contract?


It appeared West was attempting to weaken declarers trump holding. Declarer saw that if spades were 3-2, he would have 10 tricks: five each in spades and diamonds. In that case, after ruffing the second heart and drawing trumps, declarer would cash dummys diamonds and try for an overtrick by leading a club.

Alas, this was not to be. After ruffing the second heart and seeing that all followed to the A,declarer played a low trump to dummys queen. The bad news came when East discarded a heart. The 4-1 trump break was a nuisance because he could not draw the rest of the trumps without losing control. (If he did so, he could do no better than cash dummys diamonds and lead a club. The defense would then take the A and cash three heart tricks.

With that in mind, declarer abandoned trumps for the moment to cash dummys top two diamonds. Declarer was relieved to see that West had at least two diamonds.

Declarer now played a trump to his king and drew Wests remaining trump with the jack, discarding the Q from dummy. Declarer had taken seven tricks and was then able to claim three diamond tricks to make his contract. The full deal:

12 14 0 14
Q 6 4 8 7 5 A K Q J 10 5 2
10 9 8 2 A K J 3 2 4 3 A Q
5 10 9 6 4 7 5 2 9 8 7 6 4

A K J 7 3 Q J 10 9 8 6 K 3