Bridge Hand Of The Week


Oct 16, 2017
Dlr: East Vul: N-S
2 18
8 6 5 3 8 7 4 2 8 2 Q 10 9

K Q J 10 9 2 J 5 A Q A J 5
West All Pass

You are South, playing in a team game. After the weak opening bid by East, you bid what you think you could make. West starts with the A, K and the Q. do you see a way to 10 tricks?


The bidding and opening lead at both tables in this match were the same, and both declarers ruffed the third heart with the 9 to preserve the chance of getting to dummy with a trump.

Declarer played the K, taken by West with the ace to play the 10. Again, both declarers retained the 2 and took the trick by ruffing with the 10. After drawing Wests remaining trump with the queen, both declarers crossed to dummy by leading the 2.

At this point, however, their paths diverged.

The first declarer ran the 10 successfully and then led the Q. Alas, East covered the latter

with the king in the hope that declarer had started with only three clubs. As a result, this declarer had to lose a diamond trick, which meant one down.

The second declarer avoided this trap by leading the Q on the first round of the suit. When East followed with a low club, this declarer made his second good play, unblocking his J. When the queen of clubs held, declarer led the 10. It did not matter whether East covered this. Whichever option East took, declarer would have made three club tricks and would have been in a position to take the winning diamond finesse for his contract. The full deal:

2 13 7 18
8 6 5 3 8 7 4 2 8 2 Q 10 9
A 7 A K Q 10 3 7 5 8 7 3 2
4 9 6 K J 10 9 6 4 3 K 6 4

K Q J 10 9 2 J 5 A Q A J 5