Bridge Hand Of The Week

Grand ideas

Oct 02, 2017
Dlr: South Vul: E-W
19 13
A K 6 3 A 6 A Q 6 5 Q 7 4

Q J 7 5 4 5 K 3 A K 8 6 5
West 3Pass Pass All Pass
North 4NT 56
East Pass Pass Pass

After Wests weak jump overcall, North inquired about key cards, assuming spades would be trumps; South promised one key card. Norths 5 asked about the queen of trumps. South showed the trump queen and the K with his bid of 6. Norths 6 asked for help in that suit and South knew what to do.

Put yourself in declarers place on the lead of the K against your grand slam. How will you play to land all the tricks?


Declarer counted 12 top tricks and saw that, if trumps were not 4-0, a 13th trick would come from a club break or a club ruff. He also saw that an immediate heart ruff could do no harm.

So declarer took the first trick with the A, ruffed a heart and cashed the queen of trumps. Wests discard of a heart was not a total surprise.

Declarer saw that he could still rely on the clubs running, but he was reluctant to do so, and he came up with a better plan.

As it was significantly more likely that East had been dealt a singleton club than a singleton diamond (a void was unlikely due to the absence of a Lightner double), declarer cashed the K and Q before ruffing the 6. It was then a simple matter to draw Easts remaining trumps and claim the last four tricks with the A and the three top clubs. Declarer made four trumps, four tricks in the red suits, three in clubs and two ruffs in hand. The full deal:

19 7 1 13
A K 6 3 A 6 A Q 6 5 Q 7 4
K Q J 10 7 4 2 7 2 J 10 9 3
10 9 8 2 9 8 3 J 10 9 8 4 2

Q J 7 5 4 5 K 3 A K 8 6 5