Bridge Hand Of The Week

Picking up the clues

Jul 03, 2017
Dlr: South Vul: N-S
14 12
10 5 A J 5 Q 9 4 3 A K 5 2

Q J 7 9 8 3 A K 6 2 Q 6 4
West 1Pass
North 23NT
East Pass All Pass

Against your 3NT contract, West leads the 4 (fourth best). You win with the J and cash the A, on which East discards a heart. Take it from here.


After winning the first trick with his jack of spades, declarer cashed the A and was somewhat taken aback when East discarded a heart. After checking that East did indeed have a void in diamonds, declarer cashed the Q, followed by a club to the ace. When declarer cashed the K, He was not surprised when West threw a diamond.

Reflecting on the bidding and the opening lead, declarer placed West with five spades headed by the ace and king and an original 5=1=5=2 shape. So, declarer cashed the A before leading the 7. West cashed his four spade winners but then had to lead away from the J 10 8,which allowed declarer to take the last three tricks.

Maybe I should have led the ace, king and another spade, offered West. However, that would have meant that I had no entry to the good spades.

It would not have mattered what youd led, declarer replied. After three rounds of spades, I can test the diamonds and cash the top clubs ending in dummy.

Again youd have been counted with 5=1=5=2 shape and East with an original 3=6=0=4 distribution. Then I would have endplayed East with a club and hoped he had the king and queen of hearts. As a low heart would have given me a second heart trick immediately, East could have done no better than to try a high heart, which Id have allowed to win. After that, the

jack of hearts would have been my ninth trick.

14 9 5 12
10 5 A J 5 Q 9 4 3 A K 5 2
A K 9 4 3 10 J 10 8 7 5 J 7
8 6 2 K Q 7 6 4 2 10 9 8 3

Q J 7 9 8 3 A K 6 2 Q 6 4