Bridge Hand Of The Week

What you think you can make

Nov 28, 2016
Dlr: West Vul: E-W
7 13
8 3 A Q 7 6 9 7 5 4 2 J 4

A Q J 10 9 6 5 2 2 A Q 6 2
West1All Pass

West starts with the K against your spade game. What is your plan for taking 10 tricks?


Declarer could count seven trumps and the two red aces as certain tricks. Unless the K was singleton, the 10th trick would have to come from the club suit. A low club from hand would succeed if West had the A and the K, which was unlikely given the opening lead.

Declarer turned his attention to what would happen if West had two trumps, including the king, and only one high honor in clubs. In that case, East would win the first club and play a trump and if West could win the second round of clubs cheaply he would cash the K and A to defeat the contract. Leading a low club from hand, therefore, was unlikely to work.

After thinking about his options for a time, declarer crossed to dummy with the A and led a low club from the table, which fixed the defense. If East had risen with the K to play a trump, declarer would have been able to establish the Q for trick number 10. Declarer would win the spade switch with the ace and lead a low club toward dummys jack.

In practice, East played the 8 and declarer covered it with the Q. Now it was West who had no answer. Clearly, if he had played a trump he would have lost his trump trick, so he tried to cash a diamond. Declarer ruffed and led a low club to dummys jack and Easts king. East shifted to a trump, but declarer rose with the ace and ruffed his third club in dummy for the 10th trick. The defenders only made a trump and two club tricks.

7 13 7 13
8 3 A Q 7 6 9 7 5 4 2 J 4
K 7 9 5 3 K Q J 10 A 9 7 3
4 K J 10 8 4 8 6 3 K 10 8 5

A Q J 10 9 6 5 2 2 A Q 6 2