Bridge Hand Of The Week

Better chance

Sep 15, 2014
Dlr: South Vul: E-W
K 9 4 J 10 4 8 5 3 Q J 10 4

A 3 A K Q 8 3 2 K 9 7 4 K
West Pass All Pass
North 2
East Pass

West leads the Q. What is your plan for making this contract?


Declarer won the opening lead in hand with the ace, drew trumps and then played the K.

East won with the ace and, seeing little future in spades, shifted to the 10. There was no way for declarer to avoid the loss of three diamond tricks.

"A slightly better plan would have seen you home," said North. "After winning the A, you should have continued with the K and 9, throwing the K from hand.

After West wins the third round of spades, suppose he exits with a trump. You win in hand and cross to dummy with a trump to the 10 to lead the Q.

You will make two spades, six trumps and two clubs. This plan fails only if East had been dealt three spades to the 10 or could ruff the third spade."

"Alternatively, you could duck the first spade, planning to discard the K on the K later.

Although West could foil this plan by shifting to a club, it would require second sight for him to do so. This plan could also fail if East had only two spades and three or four hearts." The full deal:

K 9 4 J 10 4 8 5 3 Q J 10 4
Q J 10 8 7 9 A Q J 2 9 8 6
6 5 2 7 6 5 10 6 A 7 5 3 2

A 3 A K Q 8 3 2 K 9 7 4 K